Must Do Disney

If you've ever stayed in a Walt Disney World Resort, you've definitely seen Must Do Disney.

For the avid Disney fan, that's the whole reason to stay in a resort. You know what I'm talking about.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, however, Must Do Disney is basically a 20 minute advertisement for Disney World with your host, Stacey Aswad. It basically consists of Stacey walking around all four parks riding the top two or three rides at the parks and showing video of things you should be doing at each park. What I really want to do today is challenge myself to the top 3 things to do at each park. This can mean anything: rides, shows, dining, quirks. If you can do it at Disney World, it is eligible for the list. Let's rock and roll people.

Magic Kingdom

3. Tom Sawyer's Island

A Disney World classic. Probably the least crowded and most forgotten part of MK any day you go, Tom Sawyer's island is fun for all ages. While most of the stuff there is for kids, us big people can participate in most of it too! There are caves (and who doesn't love caves?), fun bridges, and lots of SHADE. A Disney blessing in itself, a quiet place with shade that you can even see the parade from? I love Tom Sawyer's and recommend it to anyone and everyone.

2. World Famous Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise is the BEST ride at Disney World. Period. There are funny jokes, lots of interaction, and the ability to have a different ride every time! I've even come to start making my own jokes for it since I've done it so many times. You've gotta love this classic!

1. Happily Ever After Fireworks Spectacular in the Sky

While Happily Ever After is no comparison to Wishes (the previous fireworks show at Magic Kingdom), it is still an absolute must do when you are visiting Magic Kingdom. One of the main reasons people love the Disney parks is due to their world class fireworks, and this show does not disappoint. While it is more of a projection show than Wishes was, it does a great job combining the projection with fireworks and lazers to create an all around spectacular. You definitely want to get there to reserve your spot early, as this is definitely a must do.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

3. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

A lot of people don't even know this is here. It's typically very empty, and if you're not exhausted already, it is a great way to see some animals. While many call this park an expensive zoo, which it kind of is, I really do enjoy hanging out on these trails for long periods of time and just observing the animals, as well as the kids who run up and try to yell at them to do things. Don't be that kid.

2. Finding Nemo: The Musical

I had such a hard time choosing between this and the Lion King show. While Festival of the Lion King is an absolute spectacular show, I love Nemo. This show is often described as "Broadway caliber if it were only a little longer" and that is just fine with me. I've paid my money, keep my Disney off Broadway. All of the songs were written specifically for this show, and I find that just incredible.

1 Expedition Everest

It's hard for me to rank a ride first at Disney World since it is so much more than a theme park. Rides, while spectacular, are only a part of the reason why you go to Disney. But Everest is just that spectacular. The theming, the ride itself, and the story leading up to it are just incredible, absolutely the most "must do" thing at Disney.


3. Club Cool

One of the true hidden gems of Disney World is Club Cool. While it's become more popular of late, not many guests know what lies inside. Free soda from around the world? I'm in! While your shoes are guaranteed to stick to the floor here, it's definitely worth going inside and sticking to it! What's even better is that you can enjoy all the free Beverly your tastebuds could ever ask for! There's nothing wrong with that!

2. Cultural Celebrations

This is an incredibly broad selection, but when you go to Epcot, there is so much more to do than meets the eye. One of these things are the frequent celebrations and demonstrations of culture around the World Showcase, whether it be juggling in Italy to a military march in Norway. These are incredibly cool to see, as all of the people participating are from the countries they represent and really will answer any questions you have about those countries or the culture!

1 World Showcase

One of the main reasons for people to go to Epcot is the World Showcase. It is absolutely my favorite location in Disney World, and the detail and designs on every pavilion make it absolutely breathtaking. I could spend hours upon hours walking around, seeing what these countries are like and learning more and more every time about their cultures. There is so much to do in each pavilion that you are going to have to make sure you go into every individual one to experience the whole thing. It really never gets old!

Disney's Hollywood Studios

3. Citizens of Hollywood

These random actors throughout the streets never fail to make you laugh. If you're in a hurry to make your fastpass then they are the most inconvenient people on Earth. If you're there to have a good time and a couple of giggles, these are the people to see! There are so many different scenes that just come alive in the streets and are hilarious to watch, as well as audience interaction which always makes for a great time.

2. Walt Disney's One Man's Dream

One of my favorite parts of any park, One Man's Dream is amazing. I think it is spectacular that they don't replace this even without the foot traffic as a ride would have in this location, all in respect to the man that started it all. In this gallery celebrating Walt and his accomplishments, there are so many ancient artifacts and stories from Walt's youth, as well as seeing how the Disney corporation came to be. You definitely have to check it out when you go to the parks!

1. Fantasmic

Quite possibly the greatest show I've ever seen- Fantasmic is amazing. Whether it be the "Fantasmic Wave" in the pre-show that typically takes 7 times to get started, or the spectacle that the actual show is, Fantasmic is something you have to see at Disney World. It involves Mickey fighting against evil and proving the power of dreams to be something you can't give up on, a message we can all use in this day and age. There's nothing I can say to give this show its due, you just have to go see it.

Thanks for reading people! I enjoy doing these and even if one person likes it or takes something from any of these, I am satisfied! You're all amazing! Love you lots!

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