Pin of the Day 6/12/2017

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Today's starts the first of a daily feature I will be doing called 'Pin of the Day.' Each day I will talk about a pin from my collection, or the collection of another member of MouseGen (if I feel like it). I have been collecting Disney pins as long as I can remember and have accrued quite the collection over the years. Today's pin comes from Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride 50th anniversary. This is probably my favorite recent addition and definitely up there as one of my favorite pins in my collection overall. Upon release, this pin was actually part of a set that could be bought individually or all together. Inside each pin features different scenes from the ride, this one being the pirate with the hats. Each one also has a different stain-glass diamond color, this pin features the yellow glass. Overall I found this pin (and its set) amazing in detail. Even the backboard is full of detail, but just enough that it helps highlight the pin itself.

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