Pin of the Day 6/21/2017

It's time for the Pin of the Day! Today's pin comes from 2017 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. I really enjoyed the theme and design they went with for the whole festival and ended up getting multiple pins from it. Today though, we will be talking about this little beauty.

This pin features Mickey in the style currently used in Disney's animation shorts. The background of the pin has a transparent Spaceship Earth and small details of buildings from around World Showcase. The pin also features the floating gardens that can be seen yearly around Epcot during this festival. I must admit I am not sure why this pin features a lamppost. I never noticed it until I sat the pin in front of me to write this post. I feel like their could have been much better inclusions to fill that space... I mean the sun is clearly up too. I don't know. I guess that wraps this post. Scroll down for a larger image of this pic.

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