Five Must Try Foods From the Flower and Garden Festival

With lots to do and eat at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, it's easy to become overwhelmed with your options. Many times we just do not have the time or money to try every single thing on the menu. Luckily we have made our way around the festival quite a few times, sampling many great options new and old. At last I bring you my top five must try foods from the Festival. I've gone back for my top choice three times now and plan to have it several more times before the end of the festival!

5. Confit de Canard aux Gnocchi a la Parisiene- Fleur de Lys

A Duck Confit with Parisian Gnochhi. I must admit when coming to the festival, this item was not on my radar for must tries. But when we made our way around to the France pavilion where the stand is located, I was compelled to get it in my attempt to try the stand's entire food menu. And let me tell you, this really surprised me.

4. Ginger Beef Yakiudon- Hanami

Another item that fell under my radar before the festival. We were actually trying the food from the Taste if Marrakesh stand when another group of weary travelers asked to share a table after getting food from the Hanami stand in Japan. Just the smell of this Udon bowl and I was on my way over to get in line for the stand. The meat was tender and well seasoned and the bowl was a great combination of flavor.

3. Honey Tandoori Chicken Flatbread- The Honey Bee-stro

This new stand was our first stop the first day at the festival. I was super excited about the whole stand and we ended up ordering the entire menu right there. We were not disappointed. This stand easily falls as my favorite overall stand in the whole festival. It was hard picking my favorite between the Flatbread and the Cheesecake but Flatbread was my favorite savory item from the festival while the Cheesecake had some close competition with other great desserts (that you are about to read about). But about the Flatbread. The Tandoori Chicken Flatbread was the perfect combination of sweet and savory while also being substantially filling as well. (As an honorable mention, we DO recommend all the food items in this stand!)

2. Fresh Baked Lemon Scone- Cider House

A fan favorite from the Flower & Garden Festival makes it return and also makes it high on my list. I love a good scone to begin with, and this scone offers a variety of complementary flavors to really push it over the top. It comes with a Creme Fraiche and Mixed Berries, all blending into one sweet treat that's come back year after year.

1. Warm Wild Berry Buckle- The Berry Basket

And to top the list is another new item from a new stand. The Berry Buckle was instantly my favorite dish from the first bite. I am a fan of berry type desserts, and this may be the best I have ever had. Topped with a Pepper Berry Gelato, the gelato melts over the Buckle to create a warm and cool combo that is sure to please the taste-buds.

There are so many options to consider when making this list. But if I had to choose five I would go back and get again and again, this is the list. So whether you are checking out the festival for the first time, or just looking for some new options, you should definitely check out these items.

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