Park Day- Animal Kingdom 5/7/18

On Monday my mother and her friend were down for a girls weekend at Disney. What kind of son would I be if I didn't go see her? Granted I was going to go Sunday too but it rained pretty hard and driving down i4 is already bad on the sunniest of days.

Monday they were at Animal Kingdom so I met them there straight after work. I arrived about 2:00 and breezed through security. I met them at Flame Tree Barbecue, one of my family's favorite places to eat in Walt Disney World. I ordered the pulled pork mac n cheese and it was quite delicious. The pulled pork is definitely the best item on the menu, and paired with mac n cheese? I now know my new go-to at Flame Tree. If you are wondering how it stacks up to the 'Sampler' that comes with chicken, ribs, and the pulled pork: As I said the pulled pork is the best of the three. The chicken and ribs were good but I was happy I got the mac. I should mention I also enjoyed the Safari Ale. It was pretty good basic ale.

While we ate, we lined up our fast passes because I had not made any yet. There was a lot still open, even for a group of three. (Of course this was excluding Flight of Passage and Navi River Journey.)

After lunch, we took a walk to Kilimanjaro Safaris, our first fast pass. We took a long route through Pandora since I have a few friends who work in various areas of the land. We then walked on the boardwalk path that connects Pandora to Africa right behind the Lion King show. We had a pretty solid Safari experience! Many animals were a few feet from the truck and the guide was very funny. One lady in front of us was extremely mad that the lions were out. Like humorously angry. We also did the African walking tour to pass some time. It paid off - two words: Baby. Gorillas.

After that we walked to our next fast pass, Dinosaur (aka. Lake's Dinosaur Adventure). Then it was back to Pandora for a round of drinks as we passed the time. My mom and her friend got the Gorgs Ale (blue/green beer) and I got the Rum Blossom.

After that we went back to Expedition Everest for our roller coaster fix. Upon being thrilled by the mystery of the Yeti, we again trekked 4.4 light years to Pandora for dinner at Satuli Canteen. I got the bowl with chicken and steak mix, potatoes hash, and creamy herb sauce. It was a pretty solid combination. We also tried the chocolate cake and thought it was okay. Luckily I also got the berry cheesecake which is one of my favorite desserts in Disney. Then we got in line for the big one. Of course I mean Flight of Passage. I've never waited in a stand by line that long. And it was only like 120 minutes. At least it's a good queue. Even still, we didn't get of if the park until after 11. The parked closed at 10. I thought the idea of being in the park that long after closing was pretty neat, until I had to battle a one lane I4 experience. Now here we are ready for another Park Day!

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