Life at the Top of The 'World.' Club Level at the Contemporary and Dining at California Gril

When taking in the skyline from Magic Kingdom to all around the Seven Seas Lagoon, there is one building that really stands out among the rest. A classic Walt Disney World icon, the Contemporary Resort has been captivating us since the park opened in 1971. Technically the second resort to open on Disney property, (Polynesian opened right before) it is easily one of the most iconic when you think about Disney World. It is the only resort where the monorail cuts right through and drops you off inside. If you are like me, you have always dreamed of staying inside the main tower of this resort and watching the fireworks from your balcony. Recently my family was able to stay on the club level of the resort so I got the chance to hang out in the lounge and snap some pictures from on top of the world!

The lounge was located at the top of the resort up on floor 12. You need to scan your magic band on the elevator to be able to access the floor. Once you reach the floor, you are greeted by the sight of the beautiful lounge and a few cast members including the floor's personal concierge. The lounge serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a daily dessert assortment to enjoy during the fireworks. The lounge has two balconies that overlook the Magic Kingdom so even if your room is on the other side of the tower facing the lake, you can still get a great view of the park. The lounge also offers free beer, wine, champagne, and prosecco. Other beverages include an assortment of regular soft drinks, fancy water, a Nespresso machine, and hot teas. The lounge was comfy and even when busy during meal times never felt overcrowded.

Our room was located on the other side of the tower, looking over Bay Lake. While maybe not as sought after as the Magic Kingdom view, it is still amazing how much you can see from up there. While farther away, you can clearly make out Spaceship Earth from Epcot, the Swan and Dolphin Hotel, Tower of Terror and of course the Disney Springs Balloon. Along the skyline, you get views of the Orlando eye, the tip of Volcano Bay at Universal, and of course numerous tower hotels throughout the Orlando area.

The room was also a comfortable size and definitely a step above other resorts I've stayed in. The whole room, including the carpet and bedding felt above average and clean for a hotel resort. You are also greeted by an assortment of chocolates in a beautiful box. The bathroom was also huge. It features two sinks with the toilet being in a separate room. The room had two queen sized bed as well as a single sleeper sofa. Overall the rooms were everything I hoped they would be.

We got to spend three evenings up here and each night was pleasant. Staff was friendly and helpful. And the food was very good as well. The fireworks view was splendid as well! They also pipe in the music to speakers around the hotel for one of the best Happily Ever After Fireworks viewings you can get. But this was not the only experience we got from the top of the Contemporary during this visit.

At the very top of the resort sits the California Grill restaurant. This is a signature dining location so guests using the dining plan use 2 credits per person when eating here. The menu had a good variety of options and even offer an entire second menu specifically for guests with special dietary needs and vegetarian/vegan guests. The drinks were delightful and the food was one of the best meals I have ever enjoyed. I got the filet and every bite from the asparagus to the filet itself was flavorful and a delight.

Of course another benefit to eating here is that even if your reservation is not during the fireworks, you are welcome to come back up (with your receipt) and enjoy the fireworks. One thing I did not know was that you can actually go out on the roof balcony of the Contemporary from the restaurant. The view all around was amazing! Of course, like the rest of the hotel, the fireworks music was piped in for a fantastic Happily Ever After viewing experience.

If you can't tell, I am so excited to have been able to experience both the club level of the resort as well as dining at the California Grill. While I did not actually stay overnight in the room, I am happy to have been able to get the feel for staying in my favorite resort.

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