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Disney College Program Vs. DCP Summer Alum Vs. Professional Internships

I have done the Disney College Program (in WDW), Disney College Program Summer Alumni, and a Disney Professional Internship. I have found that some confuse the three different programs or do not know anything about them and their differences. Here I explains the various roles, application processes and housing. Feel free to leave a comment or question!

Roles: The Disney College Program (DCP) includes various front line roles that range from: Quick Service Food and Beverage, Host/Hostess, Merchandise, Photopass, Attractions, Lifeguard, Vacation Planning, Front Desk, Custodial and more! Front line meaning that College Program (CP) participants work in the resorts, theme parks, and other guest-facing locations around property. Many would say that most CPs work in Quick Service Food and Beverage, Merchandise, Attractions, Lifeguard and Custodial. CPs come from all over the world! There is a Cultural Exchange/Representative Program where young adults from other countries can work for the Mouse. It’s a great opportunity for all to come to learn more about the company and receive irreplaceable skills that are desired by all employers.

DCP Quick Service Role

Professional Internships have roles within the Walt Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, the Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Direct-to Consumer & International, ESPN, The Walt Disney Company, ABC, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney Theatrical Group! With so many to choose from, there’s a role for everyone! Whether you’re an engineer, mathematician, communications, marketing, animal science, biology, musical theater, or business major… APPLY! Apply for what you’re qualified for and try to make your resume similar to the wording within the application.

Application Process: First off, YES you can apply to the DCP in Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Professional Internships. The Disney College Program (DCP) takes place in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World and Anaheim, California at Disneyland. Less applicants are accepted for Disneyland due to the size difference of the property. Disneyland covers about 500 acres while Walt Disney World is about the size of Manhattan (30,080 acres).

In order to apply for the Disney College Program, one can visit the DCP website during application periods (follow DCP on social media for updates/or view infographic on the link): https://jobs.disneycareers.com/disney-college-program and Professional Internships (PIs) are on Disney Careers: https://jobs.disneycareers.com/professional-internships!

After applying, if selected to proceed, there is a process for both the DCP and PIs. For DCP, there’s an online test one must pass in order to move onto the phone screening. The online test is simple, but can trick someone who are not paying attention. It’s similar to a personality test due to the questionnaire asking you to rate what you would do in a situation. The wording gets moved around while some of answers remain the same, so pay attention! If a student is chosen to proceed, then there will be a phone screening. It is laid back and the recruiter will ask about past experience, what roles one is interested in, and about passions. From that point, it is in Mickey’s hands.

FYI: The Disney College Program Summer Alumni is only available to those who have completed a Disney College Program already. The Summer Alum is as it sounds - SUMMER! It's very convenient for those who want a summer job to cover them from May-August. Keep in mind, Florida summers are hot, humid and rainy...Every day!

Professional Internships are slightly different and more difficult to get. After applying online, there’s a phone screening. if chosen, then a Blue Jeans (Skype) with the leadership of the team, or even an in person interview, will take place. Less than 20 percent of applicants are chosen for Professional Internships. This is because you’re not treated like an intern. You are working side by side with the other Cast Members. Interns will make connections that will make them more susceptible of being hired by the Mouse or another great company.


The DCP in Walt Disney World has 4 different apartment complexes with another in construction! Disneyland supplies one apartment complex (one nice one I might add). Lastly, Professional Intern housing is available in Orlando, but limited due to the apartments being within a complex that houses individuals who do not work for Walt Disney World. as for Disneyland Professional Interns... you’re on your own kid.

The DCP Housing options range from $103-200/week which is deducted from your weekly paycheck. The complex options are: Vista Way, Chatham, Patterson, and the Commons. There’s an option to link up with roommates. You can link with up to 3 people and hope for the best! Get ready to share a room again.

DCP Summer Alumni

DCP Apartment Options -

Vista Way:

· Behind a gas station, Chick-fil-a and Wendy’s (free frosty with Cast ID)

· Main bus hub (good complex if you’re not bringing a car)

· Lots of parties

· Mail

· Computer lab

· Fitness

· Community laundry

Chatham Square:

· Near Mickey’s Retreat

· 2 mail kiosks

· Community laundry (check how occupied the machines are - laundryview.com/chathamsquare)

· Bus stop

· Events are held here for CP’s and PI’s

· Walking distance to Premium Outlets (shopping)

Patterson Court:

· Located in the Little Lake Bryan area with Chatham Square and The Commons

· Also near Premium Outlets

· Mail

· NO BUS STOP – must walk to Chatham Square

· Larger apartment

· Community laundry (laundryview.com/pattersoncourt)

· A lot of classes offered for DCP participants are at Patterson Court

The Commons:

· Near Chatham Square and Patterson Court

· Closest complex to the Premium Outlets


· 2 mail kiosks

· Has a bus stop, but not as many buses come to this complex

After requesting an apartment complex, keep in mind if you’ll want to live in a Wellness or Non Wellness apartment. Non-Wellness means that you are 21 or over and you can consume or keep alcohol in your apartment. Wellness means that you are under 21 and you cannot consume or keep alcohol in your apartment.

Disneyland, CA. offers apartments that are a perfect home away from home, Carnegie Plaza. It has 61 units for CPs. Carnegie Plaza is near a lot of restaurants and public transportation to get to and from work. Throughout Carnegie Plaza, there are 2-5 participants in each apartment, for a total of over 260 housing participants per season. Each apartment has a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and a dryer. They also provide the furniture for every apartment, which includes couches, dining tables, chairs, coffee table, end tables, beds or bunk beds, nightstands, and dressers.

Both California and Florida apartments have security. However, Florida has security 24/7 and California has security Monday through Thursday from 6:00PM to 6:00AM and 24 hours on the weekends.



Blake at DCP Graduation with Mickey and Minnie

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any other questions about the differences between the Disney College Program and Disney Professional Internships, make sure to comment them below. And follow us on facebook here.

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